Monday, 28 April 2014

O2wear Interview

Last week Vanessa from Beauty and Lace, a lifestyle, fashion, eco blogger (and O2wear fan!) got in touch with me to do a little interview on O2wear, bamboo fibre and to find out how it all started.

Below is an excerpt from the interview, or you can read it in full here if you'd like to learn a little bit more about me and O2wear. You can also check out the Beauty and Lace blog here for all sorts of great fashion, beauty and entertainment news as well as interviews and the latest product reviews!

An excerpt is below or read the full interview here:

What is the best seller and favourite colour? (Pink is our first pick)
Best sellers vary from month to month with the seasons, but come winter, without a doubt it’s the long sleeve scoop in black and full length leggings.
What type of person do you see wearing your designs?
O2wear is designed for women of any age and lifestyle. They are great layering pieces for the office, the camis and tanks can be layered under work wear for those overly air-conditioned work places. A long sleeve top and leggings can also be used to transform a summer dress into winter wear. Equally though, they are soft and comfy for lounging around the house on the weekend. I also have a number of customers that wear them for yoga and even as sleep wear!
What has been your proudest moment so far?
I think it’s the little things, like repeat customers. Just the other day I had an order from a new customer for a long sleeve top, and 2 weeks later she came back to order another four. That always makes me smile!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

New Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top

In response to the huge demand for the bamboo long sleeve scoop neck top, we have recently added a long sleeve crew neck to the range.

Some time ago I conducted a little facebook poll to see if people were keen on a crew neck style and the resounding response was a yes! So it's been modelled on the scoop neck long sleeve but it just has a higher neck line.

 Bamboo Crew Neck Long Sleeve Top

The crew neck long sleeve is made from the same bamboo fibre spandex mix as the rest of the range and is priced the similarly - $39.95 with free Australian delivery.

If you are looking for something that can be worn under other v-neck or scoop neck tops or just something that provides a little more warmth/coverage than the scoop neck, the crew neck is just what you you need!