Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Gift Guide

This year I decided to avoid the crowds and do my Christmas shopping online. While most of my purchases were books, I've put together a list of some really cute, quirky and eco friendly gifts for 2012, all of which are available online.

These are made by Lovi, a Finish company. They come as a flat packed postcard and can be punched out and assembled. A perfect light weight gift!


Sky Planter recycled range:
Upside down plants for indoors. These funky hanging plants add both colour and interest and make a great present for christmas.

From $19.50

Crumpled Maps
The Crumpled City Map is waterproof and meant to be crumpled, never get frustrated trying to fold a map again!


2012 Animal Calendar
This cute calendar is made up of 6 animals with a month of the year on either side. Pop them out and assemble.


Flatout Bears
I think these are really cute, for any age!
Australian Women's Weekly Favourite Toy of 2011, of course they are the perfect gift for this christmas. Made from 100% Australian sheep skin.


Greenbo Planters
These pots are great for balconies and rentals, hang them on a fence or balcony with no need for screws.
Available in a wide range of colours and sizes.


Flower Nails
A little random but cute! These nails have flower heads and are designed to be seen.

$24.00 for 6

Polio Vaccine
Support children and their communities through UNICEF. They have a range of gifts from vaccinations to school supplies.

"Polio is a highly contagious viral infection, and prevention via vaccination is the best solution. Globally the number of polio cases has decreased by over 99% – from 125 countries in 1990 to just four countries today. But the work is not complete. Pakistan is one country where the disease is still endemic, as well as Nigeria, India and Afghanistan."

$29.00 will vaccine 200 children

Fun for kids and adults! A do-it-yourself kit with 122 geometric shapes that can be clipped together.


Cycle Sign by Trent Jansen
These reflective signs for bicycles are made from old recycled road signs. They come in two designs, the strap version can be mounted to the front or rear of the bike and the clamp version can be attached to the spokes.

From $14.90

Polli Jewellery
Cute motifs and designs from two Australian designers. Made from wood, stainless steel or woven, with a focus on recycled and reused materials.

From $49.95

O2wear Gift Pack
Last but not least! The O2wear gift pack includes a camisole in your choice of four colours and a pair of leggings. Made from bamboo fibre and organic cotton.


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